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MFST is an undervalued, under the radar and enticing Small Cap company with 3 amazing businesses: #CBD Company, FDA approved Laser, specialty pharmacy drug and consulting services. Very low Stock structure. Learn More

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Company Highlights

  • Issued and Outstanding: 3,184,029 shares
  • Unique FDA cleared therapeutic infrared laser
  • Anti-aging Laser has IRB status
  • Partnering with Dr. Sanjay Gupta to distribute medical grade CBD
  • Specialty Drug consulting services
  • Time Machine Laser Study recently published
  • Launching a new consumer line of CBD and Hemp products


Farm Bill as a breakthrough and major victory to make Hemp and CBD legal.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta with Dr. Shereef Elnahal, the NJ Health Commissioner.

Medifirst and the American Pain Association applauds the historic passage of the farm bill. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, President of the American Pain Association (APA) is leading the efforts to educate physicians, lawmakers and insurance companies about the significant health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) products for the treatment and management of pain and Opioid Use Disorder. Both Medifirst and The American Pain Association is hailing the passage of the Farm Bill as a breakthrough and major victory for doctors seeking all natural, drug free solutions to treat people suffering from acute and chronic pain. The Farm Bill is a giant step to bring cannabis and related medical solutions into the U.S. medical community. The passage would remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and legalize hemp production. At an APA conference at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School held December 18 th , Dr. Gupta hosted a panel of medical and political leaders. Dr. Shereef Elnahal, the NJ Health Commissioner was the keynote speaker and expressed his strong support for the Farm Bill as well as the mission of Dr. Gupta and the APA. Dr. Fred Goldstein, Professor, Dept. of Bio-Medical Sciences of PCOM Medical School who hosted a conference this month also shares his support and vison of the APA to continue to introduce CBD and cannabis products to the medical community. Pennsylvania State Senator Sharif Street and NJ Assemblyman Joe Danielsen expressed their strong support for the mission of Dr. Gupta and the APA. They are both pioneers in the battle to fight the opioid crisis.


MFST #CBD Oils Distribution Agreement

Medifirst MFST has completed an agreement with Dr. Gupta Pharma LLC to distribute a line of premium #CBD oils. President of the American Pain Association (APA) and top expert in CBD and Cannabis, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a Harvard-trained physician who specializes in the treatment of pain, has significant experience using Marijuana and CBD for treating pain. As the President of the APA, Dr. Gupta believes that CBD, used under the guidance of a physician, can play a significant role in reducing pain and helping to curb the opioid epidemic. Additionally, he believes CBD can play a major role in overall health and wellness but, he concedes, CBD remains underutilized as there is a substantial lack of education and stigma from public and healthcare providers with regards to the benefits of CBD. Dr. Gupta and the American Pain Association recently completed a 10-city tour to meet with governors and lawmakers regarding how to educate physicians and the public about benefits of CBD. He is a staunch supporter of CBD and is on the front-lines of bringing CBD to the mainstream medical community. The American Pain Association is currently initiating several studies on #CBD in conjunction with various prestigious Medical school faculties across North America. Based on his clinical and research work and using proprietary patented methods, Dr. Gupta has created CBD wellness products that he believes can benefit patients suffering from many different health conditions.

Pharmaceutical industry to exceed $483 billion in 2020

Medifirst Solutions launches specialty prescription billing and pharmacy solutions division

Concierge Concepts Rx (CCRx), a new division of Medifirst Solutions, will provide a unique niche billing service to independent pharmacies who are struggling to maintain profitability. Medifirst is pleased to announce that Walter Molokie, RPh has joined the company as CEO of CCRx. Graduate of Long Island University, his expertise is in Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion. His background includes: Adjunct Professor of Alternate Site Pharmacy Practice-LIU, Regional Vice-President of Operations for Kabafusion, a national provider of Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion, Director of Pharmacy for Option Care, a Walgreens Company, Manager of Specialty Pharmacy for Direct Script, a wholly owned division of Oxford Health Care and Founder and President of Total Home Health Care.

CCRx services of pharmacy consulting and revenue stream management, utilizing over 60 years of combined Specialty Pharmacy and Infusion Therapy experience, seek to increase profits for pharmacies. Our contracting services will include: sales, patient care, operations, and navigation of the complex landscape of major medical insurance billing. The CCRx division will provide key services to undervalued clients by securing reimbursement of overlooked revenue within the ever-expanding market of the specialty pharmacy market in today's healthcare system. Industry analysts projects the total pharmaceutical industry to exceed $483 billion in 2020, with specialty pharmaceuticals making up 44% of the revenue.

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Laser

MFST Infrared Laser FDA Cleared

Dr. Ostro treating a patient for TMJ.

MFST’s FDA cleared Time Machine Infrared Laser (TML) is a revolutionary, effective all natural, drug-free option for people suffering from acute and chronic pain who exhausted traditional forms of treatment including injections, pills and surgery. Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) calls it revolutionary because it has the power of a large stationary unit engineered into a small mobile hand-held laser with pinpoint accuracy. Many people see great results after just one treatment. That’s amazing! The TML is mainly used to alleviate pain but is also used to alleviate inflammation that is often the root of pain in these situations. The company has lasers in the pipeline with a Green Laser for anti-aging and cosmetic usage that it is preparing for FDA submission. Non-invasive treatments for anti-aging is one of the biggest growth sectors for the cosmetic industry. We live in a day and age where opioid addiction is severely on the rise, so much so that there are millions of people that are hopelessly addicted to opioids.

Want to learn more?

Visit Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) website for more information and see some great testimonials and laser demonstrations. Medifirst Solutions (OTC: MFST) is poised to become a serious player in the healthcare sector. MFST is definitely a public company to add to your due diligence list.


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